Shipping a Bow

Supplies needed:
A bow case or 2″ PVC pipe that is 33″- 34″ long (sold at most hardware stores).
A shipping box that is longer than case or PVC pipe. The tri-angular ‘Priority Mail” shipping tube is ideal.
Packing material such as bubble wrap, newspaper or peanuts.

1.) Loosen the bow. A change in weather conditions could cause the hair to tighten and subsequently, snap the head off the stick.

2.) If the hair is still tight, unscrew the adjuster and remove the frog and fasten it to the stick with a rubber band so that the hair does not tangle.

3.) If shipping in PVC Pipe, roll the bow in protective packing material being sure to overlap at both ends. Or in a bow case, pad both ends and sides of the frog with protective material.

4.) Place at least 2 inches of packing material into the end of the PVC pipe before inserting the bow and be sure to add more protective material into the top. The bow should not be able to move within the PVC pipe or the case.

5.) Place the bow case into a shipping box on top of a layer of packing material.

6.) Please remember to place a note on top of the case or taped to the PVC pipe with your name, address and telephone contact information.

7.) Fill the top and sides of the box with more packing material making sure the case does not move within the box. Seal securely on all sides.

8.) Insure the box with your carrier.

For general questions or further guidence:

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