Violin Repairs & Services

The Violin Shop in Lincoln is the most complete repair and restoration shop in Nebraska for violin family instruments. Located in the historic Near South Neighborhood, all repairs, rehairs and restorations are performed in-house by our team of highly trained luthiers, using time-tested, state-of-the-art methods and materials that stress a conservative approach.

We always provide free estimates for repairs. No appointment necessary.

Bow Rehair

Bow rehairs are available every day with the usual turn-around time of one business day. Same day rehairs are available by appointment only.

Bow maintenance is very important to your quality of sound. Bows should typically be rehaired every 6 to 12 months with normal use, and more frequently with heavier use.

Some indications that your bow needs a rehair are as follows:

  • there are too few hairs left on the bow
  • Rosin no longer remains on the hair, but is caked onto the strings or coated on the top of the instrument
  • the hair is brittle and easily broken
  • the hair has absorbed oils from being handled and is visibly dirty
  • the hair has stretched to the point that it can no longer be tightened to playing tension

Click here for instructions on shipping a bow for rehair or repair.

Consultations & Appraisals

Whether you are looking at an instrument from The Violin Shop or another source, our mission is to help guide the player to the instrument or bow that best suits their needs and playing style. If you need advice on the health and condition of a future purchase, we are here to help you. This service is always free.

The Violin Shop offers verbal and written appraisals for the current market value of an instrument or bow for insurance or resale purposes.

  • Verbal Appraisals for Value: $35.00
  • Written Appraisals with Photos: $135.00 (for insurance purposes)

Please contact us for an appointment.

Certificates of Authenticity

The Violin Shop in Lincoln, Inc. currently does not provide these certificates.

This is a very specialized service, and very few are qualified.

If you require assistance in certifying the authenticity of an instrument or bow, The Violin Shop can facilitate this daunting task by utilizing our network of internationally recognized experts. We can handle the packing and shipping, as well as any communication required to determine if authentication is possible.

Certificate prices are based on a percentage of the item’s value (usually between 1.5% to 4.5%).

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