String Instrument Rentals

At The Violin Shop in Lincoln

We believe that the most important instrument a musician will ever play is their first. By offering the highest quality rental outfits at exceptionally affordable prices, we are able to ensure that students are given their best chance for success.

Our “Better than Rent to Own” allows for equity to be applied towards any instrument at the same price point or higher. The player is not locked into purchasing the instrument they are renting.

We offer premium service and selection at deeply discounted yearly rates for the budget conscious.

Including free maintenance and adjustments – in addition to needed size changes – it is no wonder The Violin Shop is considered “The Best Place to rent in Nebraska!”


No interest charges.


No additional charges for maintenance.


No upgrade charges for size changes.


Professional repairs are done on premises.

Our Goal is Your Satisfaction!

How to rent violins in Lincoln and Omaha

Why rent from The Violin Shop?


Instruments on hand and ready for use


Greater attention to service and your individual needs


No waiting, no hassle, size changes as needed


All instruments set-up and maintained in-house


Giving Back! By renting from The Violin Shop, you are supporting area music programs that we provide with financial support and free services.

Yearly Rental Information

Better than “Rent to Own”!

Our rental customers are not locked into buying the instrument they are renting. Instead, The Violin Shop allows the current year’s rent credit to be applied to any instrument at the same price point of the rental instrument or higher.

Yearly rentals are offered at a significant discount and paid in advance.

All Rentals include FREE maintenance, adjustments, minor repairs, and tuning as needed. Many issues may be addressed while you wait. Maintenance does not cover consumables such as broken strings or bow rehairs.

Size changes are available at any time during the rental period at no extra cost unless the larger instrument rents at a higher rate. (i.e. 3/4 to 4/4 or an upgrade to a premium rental)

Premium step-up rentals are also available for all instruments. Premium rental rates are higher and based on a percentage of the purchase price.

Rates are subject to instrument availability at the time of rental.

School Year Rentals expire on June 1st of the following year – partial refund may be available if returned early (3 month minimum charge does apply).

  • $179.95 and up per year for violin sizes 1/16 – 3/4
  • $209.95 and up per year for violin size 4/4
  • $179.95 and up per year for viola sizes 9″ – 13”
  • $209.95 and up per year for viola size 14”
  • $249.95 and up per year for viola sizes 15” – 17”
  • $289.95 and up per year for cello sizes 1/8 – 3/4
  • $359.95 and up per year for cello size 4/4
  • $559.95 and up per year for Double Basses (all sizes)

Yearly rentals are offered at a significant discount and paid in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I know what size my child needs?”

The best way to determine the appropriate size instrument for your child is to follow the recommendation of their orchestra teacher. Otherwise, we are always happy to measure your student in the shop.  If you are not able to do this follow the steps below.

To size a student for a violin or viola, using a yardstick you need to measure the number of inches from their neck to the middle of the left hand palm. The arm must be fully extended and raised perpendicular to the body, just like they would hold a violin. Once measured, use the chart below to determine the corresponding size violin or viola.

As a general rule, if the measurement suggests that your student is between sizes, it’s usually best to select the smaller size.

The measurements for cello and bass are approximations. It is suggested to have the instrument in hand for final sizing.

Violin (neck to middle of palm)

4/4 violin = 23 5/8″ 

3/4 violin = 22 1/4″

1/2 violin = 20 3/8″

1/4 violin = 18 1/2″

1/8 violin = 16 7/8″

1/10 violin = 15 3/8″

1/16 violin = 14 1/8″

Viola (neck to middle of palm)

16.5″ viola = 27 1/8″

16″ viola = 26 3/8″

15.5″ viola = 25 5/8″

15″ viola = 24 7/8″

14″ viola = 23 5/8″

13″ viola = 22 1/4″

12″ viola = 20 3/8″

11″ viola = 18 1/2″

10″ viola = 16 7/8″


<4’2″ = 1/4 cello

4’2″ to 4’6″ = 1/2 cello

4’6″ to 5′ = 3/4 cello

>5′ = 4/4 cello


<4′ = 1/10 bass

4′ to 4’2″ = 1/8 bass

4’2″ to 4′ 8″ = 1/4 bass

4’8″ to 5’3″ = 1/2 bass

>5’3″ = 3/4 bass


"What if my child quits playing?"

You can return a rental at any time before the next billing cycle. Yearly rentals may be entitled to a partial refund which is prorated based on the higher monthly rate. There is a minimum charge of 3 months for all rentals.

"Do you have a waiting list or require a deposit?"

Instrument rentals are on a first come, first served basis. You may reserve an instrument by filling out the rental application and paying the rental fee. In most cases we can store the rental outfit for you until the beginning of school or the SAIL camp.

"Do you offer insurance on rentals?"

We recommend adding the rental to your homeowner’s or renter’s policy to cover your instrument for loss or theft. This is the most economical solution for our customers. The Violin Shop rental plan includes all maintenance, adjustments, and minor repairs. We do not charge extra for these services. Most other insurance or “peace of mind” plans do not cover routine repairs but only the loss or theft of an instrument. Why pay $5 to $10 a month extra for the same coverage you can get from your own policy for $15 to $20 for an entire year?

In the event that your insurer will not provide coverage, we recommend the following musical instrument insurance providers.

Heritage Insurance Services or Anderson Insurance Group

"Is it better to buy an instrument or rent?"

As a general rule, it is better to rent an instrument when the child is in fractional sizes. There are up to 8 different sizes that a child can grow through. Size changes are included in the rental price unless the next instrument rents for a higher price i.e. 3/4 going to 4/4 or when there is an upgrade in quality level.

If the student is on a 4/4, full size, instrument and you anticipate playing for more than two years, it may be to your advantage to purchase or rent for one year, and purchase at the end of the rental term.

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