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String Instruments:

Our inventory of violins, violas, cello, and basses is the largest selection of new and antique instruments in Nebraska – including instruments from many of the best workshops from around the world.

All of our instruments are expertly set up or restored to our exacting standards to sound and look their best.

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Below is a list of some makers we have in stock.

Eastman Strings, Snow Violin, Walther Brendel, Heinrich Stuver, West Coast Strings, Andreas Romani, Lincoln Violin Workshop, Jay Haide, Johannes Kohr, Century Strings, Jacques Gateau, European Consort, Clement & Weise, Sophia Instruments, Franz Sandner, Eric Werner, Heinrich Gill, Roman Teller, Lothar Semmlinger, Thomas Krafft, Erich Pfretzschner, Gunther Schmidt, Karl Hofner, Ernst Heinrich Roth, Calin Wultur, Knilling, and Roberto Amaro.

J.B. Collin-Mezin, John Juzek, H. Derazey, G.A. Ficker, Ernst Heinrich Roth, Neuner, Heinrich E. Heberlein, Heinrich TH. Heberlein Jr., Robert Dolling, Gennaro De Luccia, Gand & Bernardel, Robert Berger, Albert Knorr, Paul Knorr, James Reynold Carlisle, Antonio Curatoli, Joseph Hel, Neuner & Hornsteiner, Jacobus Hornsteiner, Heinr. (Heinrich) Eichheimer, John Edward Harris, William Wilkanowski, Lyon & Healy, Roth & Lederer, Alfred Moritz, J.T.L., Georges Apparut, and Jacques LECLERC.

Christopher Jacoby, Stephen Sherman, David Frederick, Paul Spencer, David Burgess, Adam Goltry, Don Roy, Georges Michel, Kevin Fagerberg, Shaun Fosdick, Jamie Lazzara, Sam Billings, Marilyn Wallin, Danny Fallon, John D. Dailey, Pawel Migiel, Wojciech Topa, Rainer W. Leonhardt, Catalin Quercinola, Douglas Cox, William Bartruff, and John Silakowski


We offer a wide range of pernambuco bows from student level workshop bows to investment-grade antique bows from top German and French makers. Along with these, we stock the best carbon fiber and graphite-weave bows from leading makers. 

All of our antique bows are expertly restored, maintained, and rehaired to our exacting standards to play their best.

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Below is a list of some makers we have in stock.

K. Muller, Jon Paul, K. Holtz, Arcos Brasil, Horst John, H. Stuver, W. Seifert, Marco Raposo, E. Dorfler, Mathias Thoma, I. Pierre, Arnold Bows, V.C. Jeandel, H.R. Wilhelm, J. Schuster, Lothar Seifert, Klaus Becker, T. Pampolin, Rodrich Paesold, and Coda Bow International

Otto A. Hoyer, Albert Nurnberger, Otto Adler, C. Thomassin a Paris, C.N. Bazin, H.R. Pfretzschner, W.A. Phfretzschner, G.A. Phfretzschner, Jean-Jacques Millant, Prosper Colas, Morizot, Hoyer HP Pariser, Gustav Prager, Morizot, R. Dotschkail, Adolf Schuster, F Winkler, Lyon & Healy, W.E. Hill & Sons, and Bausch.

John Norwood Lee, Eric Lane, T. Pampolin, P. Fracalossi, V. Siqueria, Marco Raposo, Gustave Debard, C. Baroin, David Frederick, B. Rolland Spiccato, Jon Crumrine, G. Michel Mirecourt, and Thomas Goering


The Violin Shop in Lincoln maintains an inventory of popular accessories to meet every string player’s needs.

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String brands by all the major manufacturers:

Thomastik-Infeld: Dominant, Peter Infeld, Vision, Infeld Red, Infeld Blue, Vision Titanium Solo, Vision Solo, Spirocore, Belcanto, Spirit, and Alphayue – Pirastro: Evah Pirazzi, Gold Label, Wondertone Solo, Tonica, Passione, Obligato, Evah Pirazzi Gold, Eudoxa, Chromcor, Chorda, and Synoxa – D’Addario: Helicore, Prelude, Zyex, Pro Arte, and Kaplan – Lenzner/Optima: Goldbrokat – Larsen: Standard, Solo, Virtuoso, Tzigane, and Il Cannone – Jargar: Classic, Superior, and Silver Sound – And More…

Teacher preferred models in all sizes.

Everest: EZ models, Collapsible, and Spring Collection, Sumi: Collapsible, Bon Musica: Standard, Wolf:  Forte and Standard, Poly Pad: Blue firm sponge, Artino: Standard, Kun: Standard, Mini, Collapsible, and Bravo

Like barbecue sauce, Rosin can be a matter of personal choice. We have a wide variety of flavors!

Pirastro: Goldflex, Oliv, Gold, Evah Pirazzi Gold, Obligato, Tonica, Cello, and Schwarz, Melos: Light and Dark, W.E. Hill & Son: Light and Dark, Salchow, Motrya Gold, Jade, Pops, Nyman, Carlsson, Clarity, Clarity Colors, Dominant, Andrea, Bernardel, Guillaume, Kolstein, Peter Infeld, Vision, and More…

Protect your investment!
We stock cases by the top makers.

Bobelock, Gewa, Musafia, West Coast Strings, Heritage, American Case Company, Eastman, Jakob Winter, Howard Core, Pedi, BAM, Carlisle, Tonareli, and SKB

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Teaching Method books by:

Suzuki School, All for Strings, Essential Elements, Progressive Repertoire, I Can Read, and Thumb Positions.

Holiday Quartet Selections:

Christmas Kaleidoscope I & II


Give us a call to discuss your specific needs or inquire about our currently available inventory.

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